The Beginning

About Almond Bark Bakery the corner of salty and sweet.

My entire life, I’ve been an unabashed foodie.

For as long as I can remember, I was imagining incredible treats, delectable dinners, and mind-blowing snacks that I would love to make. The truth is, I was a foodie long before that term even existed, and as soon as I was old enough to start crafting up some delights in the kitchen, that was exactly what I was doing. One of my favorite treats to make were chocolates, and I especially loved blending sweet chocolate with savory spices.

My life changed, however, when I started making jerky. There was something absolutely incredible about the way I could transform these thin strips of meat into a complete culinary experience with nothing more than some seasoning, some experimentation, and a little patience. Before long, my friends and family were begging me to make them my famous bacon jerky or other unique treats. After years of perfecting my recipes, I honestly thought my jerky couldn’t get any better...

...but I was wrong.

Two years ago it finally occurred to me: Why not combine my two loves? The sweetness of chocolate with the saltiness of jerky. It was a hit – and before I knew it, I wasn’t just making my incredible treats for family and friends: I was opening up Almond Bark Bakery.

Welcome to the full realization of my life as a foodie, and welcome to Almond Bark Bakery. Thank you for joining us.

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